Logitech G5 USB Laser Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G5 is a pretty commonly hailed great mouse. I’m not about to say its the best gaming mouse around, but it is certainly one of the top laser mice you can find. It has an adjustable weight cartridge that you can use to try out different balances and weighting for your unique gaming needs (really light/heavy). At 2000 dpi, this laser driven bad boy tracks like a gem. Its a fairly comfortable mouse, and long lasting at that. Well worth its price.

Logitech G5

With 8 buttons total the extra buttons are a nice upgrade from its predecessor, and help to free up your left hand for more important toggling for certain games. There are some complaints from people here and there about the mouse not being great for those with thicker hands, as the thumb buttons are a bit thin, but I have yet to experience this issue for myself.

Being able to adjust the dpi on the fly is a huge benefit, as you can turn the sensitivity down or up at the touch of a button. Without installing the drivers you’re limited to 3 modes of dpi switching (400, 800, and 2000), but after you install those drivers you have a lot more dpi switching options available to you (among other things).

The tilt wheel on the Logitech G5 mouse is pure awesome for gaming. You can set it up so that tilting your scroll wheel to either direction can quickly whip out your weapon of choice. The wheel itself does require a bit more force to middle click that you might be used to, but all in all it wasn’t that annoying of an issue.

Gaming Profiles are handled especially nice as far as the Logitech G5 is concerned. Some games can be a hassle to program your keys for, or you have to repeat the key mapping process every time you fire up the game. Well, that’s no longer the case with gaming profiles on the g5. You can create a profile for each application you use your gaming mouse for, and those profiles will be automatically used when you activate that specific program. So, for example, I could setup a profile for the new Wolfeinstein game (insert your favorite game here), and another profile for Firefox, and when I switch between those 2 programs my predefined mouse profile will automatically switch with them.

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