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Best Gaming Mouse (2018)

Best gaming mouse makes true difference between losing and winning a game. Gamer that are serious about their peripherals search for relaxed ergonomics, top-notch performance, and specs that increase their gaming experience, including losing, gaming and winning. The top gaming mice come in all shapes, sizes, grips, weights, and with other factors that will come down to users personal preferences.

Top 4 Best Gaming Mouse.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

This year’s Elite model include a new eSports-grade sensor and specs the similar right-handed wonderful design as its style that grips into your hand, all while including 2 new keys beneath mouse scroll wheel to replace DPI on-the-fly. While the Razer Death Adder not work on more improved specs such as free-spinning wheel for scroll, the Razer excellent RGB lighting, large and available left-mounted keys and holding scroll wheel make it the top mice accessible in the price.

SteelSeries Rival 500

The SteelSries Rival 500 mouse is a remarkable take on your normal RTS/MOBA/MMO mouse. Most, like the MMO havit gaming mouse, have a chains of keys on the left-hand part. SteelSeries has made a way of having up to fifteen keys without the need of a claw hold to utilise its keys, making it perfect for all grip kinds. There are 3 top-thumb buttons, 2 bottom-thumb buttons, 2 on the left-side of the left mouse button, one of the mouse top, one on the right-hand part of the right mouse button, one of the right-hand side of the right mouse key, the mouse scroll wheel key and its right and left integrated keys and the standard right and left keys. The final button is under the mouse and serves as a mechanical switch to disable the 2 under-thumb keys.

Logitech G403 Prodigy

This is the best gaming mouse for FPS games. It just weights 87.3g, has the best design for a fingertip/palm grip, and specs the PixArt PMW3366 sensor to offer a zero-speeding up mice that goes up to 12,000 dpi. It specs 3 additional keys, two on the slide and one of the top, equating to a full of 6 keys. It should be well-known that you can also get a wireless edition of G403, which comes with the same specs. This is not advised for seriously competitive gamers, but is a remarkable wireless gaming mouse for everything else.

Zowie FK1

The BenQ brand knows how vital it is to cater to left and right-handed gamers. The BenQ Zowie FK1 gaming mouse specs an ambidextrous design with a further claw grip usage ability. Users may freely use this mouth no issue which hand is their dominant hand, as this mouse comes with 2 thumb keys on both sides to rightly serve all users. Discussing about your hands, users would not have to panic their hands getting all covered with sweat while enjoying the game, due to this mouse rugged, textured exterior plastic which also permits for a best grip. This mice has also been well-known to have durable keys that offer a best amount of click confrontation.