Best Gaming Mouse (2018)

Best gaming mouse makes true difference between losing and winning a game. Gamer that are serious about their peripherals search for relaxed ergonomics, top-notch performance, and specs that increase their gaming experience, including losing, gaming and winning. The top gaming mice come in all shapes, sizes, grips, weights, and with other factors that will come down to users personal preferences.

Top 4 Best Gaming Mouse.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

This year’s Elite model include a new eSports-grade sensor and specs the similar right-handed wonderful design as its style that grips into your hand, all while including 2 new keys beneath mouse scroll wheel to replace DPI on-the-fly. While the Razer Death Adder not work on more improved specs such as free-spinning wheel for scroll, the Razer excellent RGB lighting, large and available left-mounted keys and holding scroll wheel make it the top mice accessible in the price.

SteelSeries Rival 500

The SteelSries Rival 500 mouse is a remarkable take on your normal RTS/MOBA/MMO mouse. Most, like the MMO havit gaming mouse, have a chains of keys on the left-hand part. SteelSeries has made a way of having up to fifteen keys without the need of a claw hold to utilise its keys, making it perfect for all grip kinds. There are 3 top-thumb buttons, 2 bottom-thumb buttons, 2 on the left-side of the left mouse button, one of the mouse top, one on the right-hand part of the right mouse button, one of the right-hand side of the right mouse key, the mouse scroll wheel key and its right and left integrated keys and the standard right and left keys. The final button is under the mouse and serves as a mechanical switch to disable the 2 under-thumb keys.

Logitech G403 Prodigy

This is the best gaming mouse for FPS games. It just weights 87.3g, has the best design for a fingertip/palm grip, and specs the PixArt PMW3366 sensor to offer a zero-speeding up mice that goes up to 12,000 dpi. It specs 3 additional keys, two on the slide and one of the top, equating to a full of 6 keys. It should be well-known that you can also get a wireless edition of G403, which comes with the same specs. This is not advised for seriously competitive gamers, but is a remarkable wireless gaming mouse for everything else.

Zowie FK1

The BenQ brand knows how vital it is to cater to left and right-handed gamers. The BenQ Zowie FK1 gaming mouse specs an ambidextrous design with a further claw grip usage ability. Users may freely use this mouth no issue which hand is their dominant hand, as this mouse comes with 2 thumb keys on both sides to rightly serve all users. Discussing about your hands, users would not have to panic their hands getting all covered with sweat while enjoying the game, due to this mouse rugged, textured exterior plastic which also permits for a best grip. This mice has also been well-known to have durable keys that offer a best amount of click confrontation.

Razer Diamondback Gaming Mouse

When it first came out, the Razer Diamondback was the mouse with the fastest dpi around at 1600. Today, its still pretty fast, but not quite as top-end as some newer mice on the market. You can opt for the Plasma model, the Chameleon, or you can get the Salamander model which has a pretty sweet looking glow effect (shown in photo). I believe both the Chameleon and Plasma models have been discontinued, though, and as such are rather difficult to find.

Razer Diamondback

The mouse itself has 7 buttons. The 2 main buttons are quite large, taking up almost half of the entire length of the mouse, and they’re made of rubber (ya know, if your fingers sweat a lot or…something). The rest of the buttons are great too, and I had no problem reaching any of them during my gami…uh, testing with the mouse. For the review, cus I was testing it, NOT slacking off and playing games all week with it…yea. Oddly, though, I seem to be in the minority in this. Others have reported that they have some difficulty holding the mouse without accidentally clicking one of the side buttons, but I have yet to experience this problem.

Razer Diamondback Technical Specifications

  • Ambidextrous form factor
  • 16,000 DPI 5G laser sensor
  • Up to 210 inches per second / 50 g acceleration
  • 1,000 Hz Ultrapolling
  • Chroma customizable lighting
  • 7 programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • Razer Synapse enabled

Logitech MX 518 Gaming Mouse

The Logitech MX518 is a pretty sweet mouse, I gotta say. There’s a ton of stuff to like about it For starters Its a perfectly sensitive mouse, though some might say maybe a touch TOO sensitive at its default setting. If you’re a fan of ultra sensitive mice, though, this is definitely a good one. At 1600-dpi the response time from this mouse is outstanding, for sure. That’s not to say you can’t change this up quickly with the MX518’s quick shift controls to suit your needs, though.

Logitech MX 518

Shaped just right for most hand sizes, the 8 programmable buttons aren’t too stiff or too soft at all. You can change your resolutions with these buttons at the drop of a hat, in addition to flipping between programmed settings, and dpi as mentioned above.

The one gripe I have about this mouse is that it doesn’t seem to have a long lasting quality to it. Sometimes after a few months it starts to fail completely (as in, it doesn’t work at all). The most likely occurrence, though, seems to be that the tracking of the scroll wheel starts to give. It goes from great movement to needing multiple rolls before it registers that you’re scrolling it. In short, this is a great mouse for gaming, but only if you don’t mind picking a new one up every 3-4 months.

Logitech G9 Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G9 is a much more boxlike mouse than I’ve seen before, but that doesn’t mean its uncomfortable. If you don’t like the initial feel of it, the Logitech G9 actually comes with 2 different grips so that you can choose to swap in whichever grip you feel more comfortable with.

At 3200 dpi, its fast as greased lightning! Not only that, but it has a memory chip that’s capable of storing up to 5 different setting profiles, and allows for switching of dpi settings on the fly. Not to mention the fact that it also has the ability to swap out weights for fine tuning of the weight of the gaming mouse.

Logitech G9

Did I mention the fact that this bad boy had 9 awesome buttons? I don’t think I did, so lets talk about that for a second. There are 2 main buttons, 2 thumb buttons, 2 adjustment buttons, and the mouse wheel of course serves as a button when clicked down. But whats cool is the fact that the mouse wheel is directional, which means you can push it left or right and it serves as 2 more buttons that way.

To add to all of this greatness, it also gives you the ability to have custom led colors for its lighting which is pretty dang sexy (at least I seem to think so). Whether you prefer a red glow, blue, or hot pink polka dots, the Logitech G9 can do it. Ok, so maybe not that last one, but it does have about 204 color choices for you to play with for your LED lighting!

Of course, not all mice are without their flaws. A few people seem to find this mouse a tad on the small side for their tastes, and the wide grip style for it being a little too smooth. There also seems to be some who find its boxlike shape a bit uncomfortable, even with the 2 different grip choices.

All in all, this gaming mouse has more features than you could ever want. If you’re looking for something thats sexy and powerful, its the mouse for you. If you’re looking for something that does the job well while being super comfortable, then you might want to look at the G5 instead.

Logitech G5 USB Laser Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G5 is a pretty commonly hailed great mouse. I’m not about to say its the best gaming mouse around, but it is certainly one of the top laser mice you can find. It has an adjustable weight cartridge that you can use to try out different balances and weighting for your unique gaming needs (really light/heavy). At 2000 dpi, this laser driven bad boy tracks like a gem. Its a fairly comfortable mouse, and long lasting at that. Well worth its price.

Logitech G5

With 8 buttons total the extra buttons are a nice upgrade from its predecessor, and help to free up your left hand for more important toggling for certain games. There are some complaints from people here and there about the mouse not being great for those with thicker hands, as the thumb buttons are a bit thin, but I have yet to experience this issue for myself.

Being able to adjust the dpi on the fly is a huge benefit, as you can turn the sensitivity down or up at the touch of a button. Without installing the drivers you’re limited to 3 modes of dpi switching (400, 800, and 2000), but after you install those drivers you have a lot more dpi switching options available to you (among other things).

The tilt wheel on the Logitech G5 mouse is pure awesome for gaming. You can set it up so that tilting your scroll wheel to either direction can quickly whip out your weapon of choice. The wheel itself does require a bit more force to middle click that you might be used to, but all in all it wasn’t that annoying of an issue.

Gaming Profiles are handled especially nice as far as the Logitech G5 is concerned. Some games can be a hassle to program your keys for, or you have to repeat the key mapping process every time you fire up the game. Well, that’s no longer the case with gaming profiles on the g5. You can create a profile for each application you use your gaming mouse for, and those profiles will be automatically used when you activate that specific program. So, for example, I could setup a profile for the new Wolfeinstein game (insert your favorite game here), and another profile for Firefox, and when I switch between those 2 programs my predefined mouse profile will automatically switch with them.